Why Use Wholesale Bark & Mulch?

Wholesale Bark and Mulch offers a wide selection of Bark and Mulch services designed to enhance the beauty, functionality, and maintenance of your home or office.

Review specific product information by clicking on our Bark & Mulch products page. Wholesale Bark and Mulch can help you reduce costs, speed up completion, and take away headaches associated with any landscape project (large or small).

If you are not sure about where to start, Contact Us for help in evaluating your Bark and mulch needs at no cost to you!

We offer discounts for churches and non profit organizations.

Benefits of Mulch

  • Reduces weed germination
  • Keeps the soil at a moderate temperature, keeping plant roots cool
  • Helps the soil retain moisture, reducing the need to water
  • Adds organic material to the soil as it composes, encouraging the growth of beneficial organisms
  • Aesthetically enhances your garden, unifying the landscape and adding color
  • Helps keep plants, buildings and hardscaping clean by reducing the splash of soil

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