Bark Delivery Sacramento

Save time, money, and effort and have your mulch and or  installed by Wholesale Bark and Mulch. We will quickly and easily deliver bark and mulch for both large and small applications, from commercial to residential, all year long, in the Sacramento area and throughout the rest of Northern California.

Please call (530) 333-7669 or email to inquire about installation in your area.

The asterisk (*) marks products that are available with a 60 yard minimum only.

Shredded Barks
Red Shredded Cedar Mulch Red Shredded Cedar
bark02-a Gorilla Hair
Playground Fiber

Certified Playground Fiber

Decorative Mulch (2″ minus)
bark03-b Mini-Midnight
Mini-Midnight Decorative Mulch Midnight
dura color brown bark mulch Dura Color Brown
red bark mulch Red *
Gold Bark Mulch Gold *
Mahogany bark mulch Mahogany *
mini cocoa Mini-Cocoa
Decorative Barks
Walk-On Bark mulch Walk-On Bark
Small Deco bark mulch Small Deco
Medium Deco bark mulch Medium Deco
Econo Mulches
arbor mulch Arbor Mulch *
bark01-b CalTrans Mulch *

* Indicates product available with a 60 yard minimum only.


When it comes to your garden, flower beds, or backyard, you’ll find that a layer of bark mulch is the quickest way to refresh the look of your outdoor space. Bark mulch easily beats bare soil to look at, but bark mulch has far greater benefits than just curb appeal!

  • Cuts annual weed growth by up to 90%, reducing labor needed for weeding
  • Less or no herbicide needed, and protects the environment from the application of herbicide
  • Helps retain moisture in soil, cutting the cost of irrigation and making your landscape drought tolerant
  • Protects plant roots from the sun’s heat, making the root environment more conducive to growth
  • Controls soil erosion from heavy rains or heavy irrigation
  • Natural mulch decomposes over time and forms beneficial soil amendment




Now that you know some of the benefits of using bark mulch, it’s time to determine which type of bark mulch to use, and how much you will need. We have a variety of mulches to choose from, like our popular Shredded Cedar.

Soil amendments are also an important factor in landscape health.

Though this type of mulch does not provide you with the same design advantages, it is a beneficial addition to the soil that is used for planting. It is rich in nutrients to help your plants grow in a healthy environment.

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